Selected Publications


Dachuan Cheng, Jian Shi, Yanyun Chen, Xiaoming Deng, Xiaopeng Zhang. Learning Scene Illumination by Pairwise Photos from Rear and Front Mobile Cameras . Computer Graphics Forum (2018)

Yikun Wang, Liang Chang, Yuhua Cheng, Lihua Jin, Zhengxin Cheng, Xiaoming Deng, Fuqing Duan. Text2Sketch: Learning Face Sketch from Facial Attribute Text . ICIP 2018.

Xiaoming Deng, Shuo Yang, Yinda Zhang, Ping Tan, Liang Chang, Hongan Wang. Hand3D: Hand Pose Estimation using 3D Neural Network . arXiv:1704.02224 [cs.CV] (7 Apr 2017)
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Xiaoming Deng, Yinda Zhang, Shuo Yang, Ping Tan, Liang Chang, Ye Yuan, Hongan Wang. Joint Hand Detection and Rotation Estimation Using CNN. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 27(4):1888-1900 (2018)
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Liang Chang, Xiaoming Deng, Mingquan Zhou, Zhongke Wu, Ye Yuan, Shuo Yang, Hongan Wang. Convolutional Neural Networks in Image Understanding. Acta Automatica Sinica (2016)

Liang Chang, Yves Rozenholc, Xiaoming Deng, Fuqing Duan, Mingquan Zhou. Face Sketch Synthesis Using Non-local Means and Patch-based Seaming. ICIP 2015.

Xiaoming Deng, Jie Liu, Feng Tian, Liang Chang, Hongan Wang. Motion Estimation of Multiple Depth Cameras Using Spheres. (slides) ICIP 2014.

Xiaoming Deng, Shihong Xia, Wenzhong Wang, Zhaoqi Wang, Liang Chang, Hongan Wang. Automatic Gait Motion Capture with Missing-marker Fillings. (video, slides, press release) ICPR 2014.

Zhenglong Zhou, Bo Shu, Shaojie Zhuo, Xiaoming Deng, Ping Tan, Stephen Lin. Image-based Clothes Animation for Virtual Fitting. (project page, video demo, ACM version) SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 Technique Briefs.

Xiaoming Deng, Fuchao Wu, Yihong Wu, Fuqing Duan, Liang Chang, Hongan Wang. Self-calibration of Hybrid Central Catadioptric and Perspective Cameras. Computer Vision and Image Understanding 116(6): 715-729 (2012)

Fuqing Duan, Fuchao Wu, Mingquan Zhou, Xiaoming Deng, Yun Tian. Calibrating Effective Focal Length for Central Catadioptric Cameras using One Space Line. Pattern Recognition Letters 33(5): 646-653 (2012)

Liang Chang, Xiaoming Deng, Mingquan Zhou, Fuqing Duan, Zhongke Wu: Smoothness-constrained Face Photo-sketch Synthesis using Sparse Representation. ICPR 2012: 3025-3029

Xiaoming Deng, Fuchao Wu, Yihong Wu, Liang Chang, Wei Liu, Hongan Wang: Calibration of Central Catadioptric Camera with One-dimensional Object undertaking General Motions. ICIP 2011: 637-640

Liang Chang, Mingquan Zhou, Yanjun Han, Xiaoming Deng. Face Sketch Synthesis via Sparse Representation. ICPR 2010: 2146-2149

Wenzhong Wang, Xiaoming Deng, Xianjie Qiu, Shihong Xia, Zhaoqi Wang. Learning Local Models for 2D Human Motion Tracking. ICIP 2009: 2589-2592

Hui Zeng, Xiaoming Deng, Zhanyi Hu. A New Normalized Method on Line-based Homography Estimation. Pattern Recognition Letters 29(9): 1236-1244 (2008)

Xiaoming Deng, Fuchao Wu, Yihong Wu, Fuqing Duan. Visual Metrology with Uncalibrated Radial Distorted Images. ICPR 2008.

Liang Chang, Xiaoming Deng, Suiwu Zheng, Yongqing Wang. Scaling Up Kernel Grower Clustering Method for Large Data Sets via Core-sets, Acta Automatica Sinica 34 (3): 376-382(2008)

Xiaoming Deng, Fuchao Wu, Yihong Wu. An Easy Calibration Method for Central Catadioptric Cameras, Acta Automatica Sinica (2007)

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